Frequently asked questions

Q. I'm not sure if stainless steel jewellery or 925 silver jewellery is best for me. What are the main differences?

A. Both options are high quality and drop-dead-gorgeous, but here are some points you may like to consider before making your choice:

  • Stainless steel jewellery is durable, low maintenance and anti-tarnish, and is best suited to you if you like to put in your earrings and leave them in 24/7. Stainless steel is also hypo-allergenic, so is ideal if you have sensitive ears. Stainless steel jewellery generally has a slightly duller finish compared to sterling silver jewellery (but is still beautiful!), Gold versions are plated in 18k gold, and silver versions are generally a slightly darker colour than sterling silver.
  • 925 Sterling Silver jewellery can be delicate as silver is a softer metal, so these earrings do need to be handled with some care. Sterling silver will tarnish naturally over time, so some maintenance is required. Gold versions are plated in 18k gold, and depending on the thickness of the plating (known as microns) this gold plating may wear away over time. Sterling silver jewellery is best suited to you if you like to swap and change-up your earrings for a new look each day. To prolong the life of your sterling silver jewellery, you should always remove it before bathing, swimming or exercising, and before bed each night. See full care instructions here.