Stainless Steel Jewellery: Tarnish Resistant, Water Safe and durable

Stainless Steel Jewellery: Tarnish Resistant, Water Safe and durable

Ladies, we get it – jewellery is your obsession, but you've been disappointed with how quickly sterling silver and plated alloy pieces lose their shine. That's where Bexie Accessory Co steps in; Introducing you to our quality stainless steel jewellery.


Let's talk durability. While traditional materials like sterling silver and other gold-plated alloy options often tarnish, fade, or lose their lustre with time, Bexie Accessory Co's Collection of Stainless Steel jewellery stands strong. 

Why Stainless Steel Shines Bright

  1. Tarnish Resistant: Sterling silver and gold-plated alloy jewellery are notorious for tarnishing and turning black, leaving you frustrated, out of pocket and constantly reaching for the polishing cloth. Our Stainless Steel jewellery on the other hand laughs in the face of tarnish - whether you wear it while you work, sleep, shower, swim or head to the gym, your stainless steel jewels stay gleaming longer.
  1. Water & Sweat resistant: Forget to take your jewellery off before you hopped in the shower or pool? No dramas! Our Stainless Steel jewels handle moisture like a champ. If you're a water babe, you'll be thrilled to hear you can jump in the pool, or swim at the beach without giving your jewels a second thought. Likewise, gym-goers can sweat through your workout without the worry of your jewellery losing it's shine.
  1. Strength and Durability: Unlike fragile sterling silver based jewellery, our Stainless Steel jewels are tough. They won't easily scratch or bend, meaning you can wear them confidently all day, every day, no matter what life throws your way.
  1. Quality meets Affordability: The inherent durability and abundance of Stainless Steel make it a budget-friendly alternative to precious metals. Stay on-trend without the hefty price tag, ensuring you can indulge in the latest trends to complement your style without breaking the bank. And knowing you won't have to replace your Stainless Steel jewels monthly because they've tarnished or worn out?... Priceless!

The secret to longer lasting gold: PVD 18k Gold Plating

Gold jewellery lovers might be wondering, "But I'm a gold-wearing girlie... what about me?" Bexie Accessory Co has got you covered. Our PVD gold-plated jewellery combines the best of both worlds – the rich allure of real 18k gold and the durability of stainless steel.

Why PVD Gold Plating Is the Real Deal

  1. Extra Durable: Unlike regular gold plating, PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) is a process that firmly bonds a durable layer of 18k gold to your stainless steel jewellery. This means your pieces are built to last, maintaining their rich gold colour, even with daily, long-term wear.
  1. Hypoallergenic: Sensitive ears? PVD gold plating, and the stainless steel that lies beneath, is hypoallergenic giving extra assurance that your skin stays happy, even if you have sensitivities to some metals.

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Jewellery for Every Day

At Bexie Accessory Co, we're not just selling jewellery; we're offering you a promise of long lasting, every day beauty. Say goodbye to the frustration of tarnished, throw away jewellery, & say hello to our quality stainless steel jewels – your all day everyday accessories.

Ready to explore the Bexie Accessory Co difference? Check out our Tarnish Resistant stainless steel jewellery and add some life-proof jewels to your collection.

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