Rectangle resin tray with handles - Boysenberry


Can you just imagine this beauty adorning your table on Christmas day? 

These sparkly resin trays are simply a stunning way to serve up your festive delicacies! Or perhaps you will use her on your dresser or bedside table to display your precious jewels and trinkets?!
The fluid nature of resin means the swirling patterns of colour and bursts of metallic glitter and gold foil will be completely unique from tray to tray, making each one 100% original and one of a kind. That's pretty special, don't you think? 

Hand made from resin and glitter, with brass handles.

Tray measures approx 30cm in length x 23cm wide.

PLEASE NOTE: Not dishwasher safe. Not Microwave safe. Not heat safe. Suitable for dry cold foods only. For full care instructions please visit the Care Instructions page.

*Please note - Every item is a unique work of art. You may not receive the exact tray pictured here. Due to the fluid nature of resin during the making process, the pattern and colours may vary from item to item. These items have been made by hand and small cosmetic imperfections such as bubbles and rough edges may be present. These should be considered a unique feature of a hand made product.